Zinger Electric Wheelchair Review

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I went to a local(ish) mobility centre in Polegate to see the new ‘Zinger Chair‘ in the flesh (or Aluminium 6061!!)

On paper (or screen!) it looks great: 17.5Kgs, folds up like one of those chairs you use at a BBQ (really small size!) and goes under tables (no arm rests).

It costs just under £2000.

So I gave it a go in the shop, seemed nice and nippy and looked shiny & modern looking (which appeals to me being in the 35-40 age group).

But then I had a nosey look. I discovered it uses traction to deliver variable power to each of the rear wheels, which in my my mind would be a weak point when it came to the British weather – which was confirmed by the lady at the desk, and should it ever encounter mud… Oooh no, she said.

So that’s what the whirring noise when starting off was, man that was going to become irritating!

So sadly I came away empty handed, which was frustrating because it looked like the answer to my ‘chuck it in the boot’ mobility needs.

I figure it would be a great idea if you live in California (which is where the videos seem to be shot!).

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