Flying Site: Winchelsea, nr Hastings, East Sussex

Bit of a ‘desperate for a quick fly’ site, with a good SW – it’s lovely on a summer’s day.

As you approach the mill ruin you have the choice of flying from the top (which is nice) or following the path around to the right of the hill – this path leads round to the front of the slope where there are obstacles like a fence, the random gate with no fence (that people insist on going through & shutting the gate after themselves!), rocks & bushes. Much more interesting I think, and slightly more sheltered than flying from the top of the mound.

It’s got a big field behind you for landing ‘sensible’ gliders.

Panoramic view of the site

2014-12-17 11.02.40

SW in the middle of the image, W in field behind the bushes on the right.

Park on the road and follow the footpath to the ruin. Be aware of walkers, as always.

Link to map of Winchelsea


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