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Man needs hobby…


(this is one of those “he’s cured” moments)

Once you’ve got past the whole procreation thing you need a purpose. What’s the point in going to work if you don’t enjoy yourself?  So I rediscovered my hobby (after a break of a decade) & am much more happy.It’s something to focus on, obsess over, another way to ignore the pain & impending doom of MS.

So here are some celebratory pics, along with others that were lovely days:

IMG_2911 IMG_2917

Flying with my son & pal @ Winchelsea (more pics & vids)


Flying at Longman – pretty pic huh?


Picture taken a decade ago, Long Man again. I sent this to the guy that sold the kits of the gliders in the picture. The pic sat in his computer as a background pic on his desktop, then he sent it back to me recently when I was on a ‘pics from the old days’ hunt.


Embrace your chair! (sit in it whilst flying…)


First fly in a decade (last year), Robus & I spent a blissful afternoon flying at Fairlight


First outing to the park last year in my self propelled pushchair, my wife pushed me around the local park on a beautiful day


Love this pic, in the reflection you can just about see my eldest, driving us whilst on holiday in Spain, really lovely couple of weeks.


I love sunsets, here’s a pic I took from our back garden. You know how camera phones don’t pick up full colour, imagine how colourful this sunset was!!


Foolishness from ages ago, launching 3 epp combatgliders at once. Once launched they stay stuck together for a bit, for some reason the glider on the bottom of the stack has control over the stack. Eventually the stack of gliders breaks apart and we try and crash into each other. Pure tomfoolery.

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