The Best in the World

I was thinking on the drive back from flying today; “What a lucky chap I am”. I go flying with a bunch of wonderful piss taking, funny, ridiculous, techy, corny, unforgiving, insulting, vicious, idiots that make me laugh until I cry every time & go slope soaring – a guaranteed escape from ‘life’! My flying buddies really are the best in the world!

It was 10-15mph N/E, sunny enough to heat your back while your front occasionally shivered quite violently, the lift came and went seemingly brought through by thermals, which in my mind was strange for the low temperature! At times our gliders were dots in the sky, and at other times everyone landed within seconds of each other as the sink pushed us down to butt clenchingly low heights!

5 mins of therapeutic foamie bashing!

You know how it’s really soothing watching fire or those videos from trains, here’s our video of foamies trying to bash each other! I experimented with an intro video (which definitely needs work!) and added some music from YouTube to drown out the drivel our pilots said throughout the day!

The usual crew were there, a nice turnout which would only have been bettered with the addition of Big Jim, Captain Robus and returning-after-a-long-break Gelbob.

Some of the time we half heartedly battered each other, no-one ready to gamble their worked-for lift for a victory, then the lift would come through and chaos would resume with everyone frantically trying to score some victory smacks before the evil sink drifted in.

At one point we were joined by a beautiful full sized glider, obviously doing better than us in the distance. Several of us (me included) lost sight of our foamie, mesmerised by the slender ship in the distance.

Bit hits

I managed one ‘on purpose’ hit, although he didn’t crash out I’m counting that one.  Mat with one T performed a great maneuver on me, using his SAS Mamba to push my Wildthing down for ages before releasing me, thoroughly beaten, just above the slope – I recovered but he won that one!

There were many impressive smack downs that day including some impressive tip-to-tip impacts (I love those, the way the gliders spin apart from each other!) and a slightly worrying “sh*t, my camera’s fallen off” shout from ‘athan (which ended up OK, it was still on his glider!).

The huge thermals resulted in many Stukka maneuvers, resulting in much flinching and swearing – some really fast but futile swooping & looping!

Aerial Photography Video

I managed to get some aerial video footage using my cheap Q5 mini DV camera, the footage wasn’t great (compared to ‘athon’s standards!) but there are some nice views of Eastbourne & the trees and bushes that inhabit our Easterly Bowl.  Unfortunately it screwed up during upload to YouTube, better luck next time! Fortunately ‘athan made an AMAZING montage of the day, truly brilliant!

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