Syma X5C Radio Controlled Quadcopter / Drone Review

2014-12-27 21.44.35I wanted to get my son in radio controlled flying and after looking at a couple of other options I was eventually talked into buying a quadcopter (cheers Nick @ Soar Ahead Sailplanes)   – begrudgingly, as I’m not really into helicopters, being a slope ‘purest’.  After a quick look I found this on Ebay for about £40 inc. p&p. Continue reading


Quadcopter antics in the park

Note that there were no other people in the park before you start moaning H&S people!

A bit of skills flying through the obstacles, and then the pilot (my boy) joined me on my scooter for some round the park driven flying!

Amazing quick kids pick up this sort of thing, I’m sure Dad said that about me in the old days too…