Glider Crash – RC Slope Soarer Pilot Smackdown

Why combat the other glider when you can go for the pilot instead? When I told my buddy to fly really close to us I didn’t mean to hit me darn it, he swears it was an accident…! Haven’t laughed like that in ages, pmsl indeed!! Continue reading


Fairlight Frolics – Combat Slope Soaring @ Fairlight Firehills

fairlight-frolicksAfter some site indecisiveness, the Legendary John Ruck, Amos & I turned up at Fairlight to be greeted by a 20mph SSW wind, pretty much straight on the slope.

John’s Vagabond wasn’t too sure about the windspeed but tarted around pulling all sorts of exciting / death defying aerobatic feats. Continue reading


Fairlight Rules OK!?! – Foamie smashing in Hastings

Fairlight Firehills, SW 15-20 mph. 12th April ’15 – Some sunshine, lovely day!

By the time Robus & I had got there, Jim, John & Dave had been bashing for a while. The wind wasn’t quite on the slope, sightly SW makin Continue reading