GCSE Product Design Project – Depron Ducted Fan Stealth Beast with FPV

Close up showing the ducted fan

Close up showing the ducted fan

A student at my school has built an electric ducted fan stealth flying wing for his GCSE Product Design project. The clever bugger has also added FPV and says it has tested very nicely (short flights of about 2-3 mins as he didn’t want to break it before the examiner sees it!) Continue reading


Disabled Pilots Getting to the Slope – Luggie Scooter Review

I bought a Luggie Scooter a few weeks ago to enable me to get to the hills without breaking the back of the friend who pushed me up there (I have MS & really struggle with the walking / staying upright thing).

I think I’ve used it enough to share my findings to those wanting to go flying / slope soaring independently.

I fly radio controlled epp combat slope soarers (the Wildthing is my weapon of choice!) around the Hastings / Eastbourne area, at Fairlight (nice and flat maintained footpath) and Butts Lane (not maintained, grazed land, plenty of mud / poo). Continue reading