Doing the Limbo Hastings Style

04 gliders on scooterLast week we played with our new limbo sticks in Eastbourne and that was kinda fun but you know it’s all better in Hastings so we gave limbo a whirl on the posh side of the marsh!

Amos had sorted all of our flying stuff before I’d even got out of bed and we were up there by 11am to a rather chilly overcast morning at Fairlight. ┬áThe wind was about 20 mph, fairly southerly and looking good so we lobbed ’em off and had a fantastic fly for at least an hour in brilliant lift and enough wind for hovering & kiting! Continue reading


Pylon Racing & Foamie fun at Butts Lane, Eastbourne

Plenty of standing around chewing the cud whilst watching the end of East Sussex Soaring Association‘s pylon racing meeting, then plenty of combat action showing the ‘big boys’ how it’s done.

Not many words this time, just some pics & vids Continue reading


Light Winds at Fairlight Firehills

We hadn’t been out for a good fly for a while so took a chance on a dodgy SSE 8-9mph breeze on a lovely sunny day. Continue reading