Sunday 21st March was a good day for epp foamy combat.


Anyone for a marathon?

So I went to fetch Robus from Camber (as his car had done an impression of a clown car upon meeting a badger at a rather casual speed of 20mph, the badger was alright but his ponsey car had released the safety bags under the bonnet, causing 2 grands worth of damage – gutted!) but on our return discovered Hastings was closed due to the Hastings Half Marathon. By closed I mean total lockdown. Anyhoo, we beat the roadblocks and picked up Amosquito & Aaron from home and headed over to Butts Ln for some idiocy.

The line up of foolhardy pilots:

IMG_3001 IMG_3002 IMG_3003 IMG_3004 IMG_3005 IMG_3006 IMG_3016

There were about 8 of us flying that day, with our little helper fetching crashed combat foamies.

IMG_3029The combat seemed heavy, with a certainty of collision which didn’t happen for ages, but then all hell broke loose…  Beardy Matt got his eye in and began picking off the weak (inc. me) and Jonathan was in full predator mode too!

Foamys (all from SAS Soar Ahead Sailplanes) span past us like flicked playing cards, left right & centre – Amosquito struggled to keep up with launching them back to their fates!

It was all going swimmingly until Robus showed a little weakness above a tree & Beardy Matt flew over him and will the greatest of ease, smacked his foamy into the tree like a cat playfully batting a mouse.

IMG_3039Oh bugger.  Nevermind, we’ll fetch it, thought Robus and a couple of helpers. Except it was the tallest tree on the slope.  Photos never show scale very well but it was a whopper.

In best ‘Top Gear’ fashion I helped by leaving them to it and had a dogfight with Jonathan – who kicked my arse repeatedly, some days I’ve got it but Sunday was not my day.

Nearly an hour later my Luggie Scooter scooted me down the slope a bit to see how they were getting on to find them using glassweave tape to attach about 5 long branches together to prod Robus’ slope soarer out of the tree like a tiny snooker player.

All’s well that ends well, had a good day, and so say all of us!

Here’s the video from the day, not sure if it was Aaron flying or me, I’m too lazy to change it though:

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