Slope Soaring @ Galley Hill, Bexhill

2015-10-26 15.27.06This brings back memories, slope soaringĀ into a S/E wind off of Galley Hill in Bexhill.
Bags of lift near the hill, big turbulence behind the slope, nowhere to land but worth it.
Only fly there in rubbish weather as you get crazy numbers of people walking through when it’s warm. When the weather grim like today the only thing to look out for are cars in the ‘landing area’.
An old man sat & watched from his car and thanked me for the entertainment afterwards, he’d flown loads of different full sized including the Vulcan – which is vaguely the same shape as the Wildthing.
There’s a flag pole on the right of the S/E slope, great for flying around!
The next person to fly there HAS TO LAND IN THE BOOT OF THEIR CAR!

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