Slope Games

3 Mamba EPP combat slope soarers stacked together for launchingRemember we do advise you not to do any of the following as it usually ends in tears:

  1. Limbo
  2. Bomb dropping
  3. Firework launching
  4. Get Robus (you need a Robus for this)
  5. Stuka!
  6. Foot launching
  7. Double Mamba flying
  8. Death run (Long Man only…)
  9. Hot-dogging (flying recklessly, showing off, also known as flat-hatting. flat-hatting (to fly an airplane close to the ground and at a high or dangerous speed)
  10. Night flying LEDS all rigged up!Night Flying
  11. Triple mamba flying!
  12. Break The Stick
  13. Fly Through The Gate (Through the bars of the gate – Long Man)
  14. Race The Dog
  15. Chase The Crow / Sea Gull (you’ll never get ’em!)
  16. Fly to the car and land in the boot!
  17. Jump The Plane
  18. Fly By & Bend The Aerials (Baz’s favourite game – Almost Absolete)
  19. Glider hide and seek.
    Step 1: crash.
    Step 2: find ya glider.
    Still playing this game with a couple of my gliders at fairlight.
    It can go on for years
  20. Fly 2 at the same time
  21. Touch n Go!
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