Scooter Review – Luggie Scooter

Luggie-Elite-RedThe Luggie Scooter is a folding scooter that can fit in a case (hence called Luggie = luggage)

I bought a Luggie Scooter a few weeks ago and feel I’m now ready to review it having used it a few times for different purposes and experienced their repair service (I broke the charging port!)

I bought the ‘Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter’, more expensive than the standard one but I wanted one with a bit of grunt – this one comes with a bigger battery.

How much?

The Luggie Elite is £2395 (with no VAT)

Customer Service

FullSizeRenderThe charging plug broke (was a little snug and pulled the female bit out upon removing the plug. They collected it from my work, spent a day fixing it and it was delivered back to my work before lunch on the following day. I was impressed, but then that’s what it should be like when dealing with things people rely on!

What do you get?

folded-luggeYou get the scooter & a charger. Other bits are sold separately like the removable battery charger (you have to charge the battery inside the scooter without this – which is annoying). The battery is Lithium-Ion, a lightweight battery compared to traditional Lead-Acid batteries. The luggie folds up VERY SMALL – this image shows it in the ‘drag along like luggage’ position, the ’tiller’ (steering column) shrinks down into the scooter flush. It fits in the boot of my VW Polo just about when in the skateboard position (not completely folded) which is nice – saving a bit of time.  It weights about 25Kgs which I can just about lift using tricks the rep showed me.

The build quality is great, although the only not sturdy looking bit, the ’tiller’ seems a bit fragile – it does come with a 2 year guarantee so I’m not too worried about it.

How does she handle?

IMG_2869I’ve taken it up to the park, only a couple of miles away but up a hill, whilst towing my 9 year old on his scooter – this zapped the battery somewhat but we made it home.  There’s a steep bit entering the park, which must have been more than the 1 in 6 hill ratio the rep spoke of which it managed splendidly. It’s also been fairly off road, which was fun, careful balancing skills required! I’ve toyed with the idea of putting the arm rests on it but haven’t yet as it won’t quite fit in the boot with them on.

I’m tall – 6’4″, and find it’s ok for me apart from the low backrest – I couldn’t use it all day but that’s not what I bought it for which is short missions into adventures with my son / hobby. The seat has two positions, which I interpret as the high position for cruising and the lower position for better balance when off road. It has a maximum weight of 21 stone, which is more than my son & I combined so we play together on it on flat ground in the park. Saying that, it’s impressive on gradients!


It’s difficult to see the battery level on sunny days, the green LEDs don’t show very well. Fortunately we don’t have many sunny days in the UK…

Would I recommend it?

I recommend it, if you can afford it, you can buy about 3 scooters for this price…


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