RC Glider / Aircraft Games & Simulators

Fly or hand launch glider – shoot crows!

General Tomfoolery’s own glider simulator. Fly Chunk back and forth shooting crows with missiles, using thermals to gain height and keep flying. Hint – slow down in the thermals to gain height more quickly. The top score is saved on our server.
That sounds great! Play the game

Slope Soaring Simulator by Danny Chapman

Fantastic r/c glider slope soaring simulator from Danny Chapman.Download Slope Soaring Simulator

iKarus Aerofly Professional

Sadly you have to pay for this one… However, it’s great! Our general Itchy Thumbs bought it a while backand we haven’t seen him since! Some say he’s a better flyer but we may never know! Yup, again, sadly you do have to pay for it… Get it from the website: Visit the Aerofly website

Plane flight simulator

Not very easy to use but good fun all the same! Move your mouse over the joystick to control the aeroplane.
Visit the page

Pearl Harbour

Not really a model simulator, more full size ish really. Bit slow but fun for some.
Visit the page

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