Q5 720p DV Mini Digital Camera Review

micro_cameraI bought this unbranded (Q5?) mini camera a couple of weeks back for a spot of aerial photography and have taken it out a couple of times now so think it’s time for a quick review.

As far as I can tell it’s called a “Q5 HD 720P DV Mini Digital Camera“, and is about £8 which makes you think either “can’t go wrong with £8” or “can’t be worth it” – I’m went with the first one.

How does it work?

2 buttons, power & mode. Switch it on and press power again briefly to start recording video. Press mode again & the power button again will take a photo. Once more & you can record audio and final mode is motion detection.

Lots of squinting at it trying to work out the colour of the tiny mode LED is.  I put the strap around the nose of the fuselage and taped it in place on top of my SAS Wildthing.  My mates go as far as using velcro, when I get some, I’ll probably do that too.

Bad points?

Can’t work out how to get rid of the date/time detail and that high pitched whine is really grating! (not sure if that happened during an impact or not).

Sample videos

Here’s a video it took up at Fairlight Firehills. No wind but I gave it a throw anyway.

This video was taken at Butts Lane in Eastbourne. Really blowy on the corner of a bowl so couldn’t fly straight for long!

Overall, not very impressed, but not going to spend more money and will keep using it.


Only just.  I give it 2 stars, not even sure if it’s value for money…

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