Misty day at Fairlight Firehills, Vagabond, Fooling around & Shield Landing

A misty day…

sheild-landingWe got to the slope around midday, wind was about 15mph which was definitely doable at the beautiful southerly slope at Fairlight, there were 6 of us, all armed to the teeth with Wildthings, Mambas, Vagabonds, a Zagi & a Venom.

The Vagabond’s had a ply to begin with, showing off their crazy flipping skills – John managed 10 flips in a row which looked very cool.  Then we settled down into some steady combat, which seemed a bit more civilised (comparatively!) with only a few proper smackdowns, Dave was playing the Robus, popping down the hill to search for his model ever now & again.

The wind dropped off around 3pm which was ideal for a bit of hedge hopping, fence skimming & spot landing.  Amos suggested I try and land on his shield, I figured it was worth a go and although it wasn’t pretty, technically it did end up on the shield so I’m having that one!

The Legendary John Ruck (fail) Vagabond Ultralight

The Legendary John Ruck(8 FLIPS!)

Just Fooling Around

Sheild Landing – Spot Landing Practice @ Fairlight Firehills

Video from John’s Vagabond

Wonder if tht’s the music in his head when he’s flying… Nicely cut video John.

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