Loads of Lift, No Lift, Loads of Lift, No Lift…!

All of the SAS gliders together, awww…

The wind was a very variable 5-20 mph Westerly, definitely smacked of thermal powered wind (changed direction, came & went – being a sloper I couldn’t be sure!)

Big Jim, The Legendary John Ruck, Robus, Killa Zagi Dave, Amos & I pitched up at Winchelsea, East Sussex around midday on Father’s day 2015 for what I was expecting to be a dodgy fly (the wind was way too westerly to be on the slope at all according to the beeb).

The order of play

I think it went something like:

  • Fool about for a bit
  • Launch & catch
  • Combat
  • Fly through the pointless gate (that has no fences attached to it yet walkers still religiously close it after themselves)
  • Combat
  • Fly like a tart for the camera
  • Combat

Amos went solo for the first time today

‘Throw it for me please Daddy?’ he said.  ‘Do you mean take it up to a decent height for you?’, I corrected. “No, I’m going to do that, throw it for me please”.  OK, why not? A quick bung and off he went, soaring off into the blur yonder.
He has definitely hasn’t had nearly enough training time, but that’s kids today, aka the ‘Xbox Generation’, all fingers and thumbs born ready for flying. Little bugger said the jealous Dad…  Anyway, by the time we went home he’d looped, rolled, launched for himself, had a bit of combat and kept his SAS Venom afloat in some pretty sketchy conditions.  I’m very proud of him.

Lob & Catch

A lot of time was devoted to ‘Lob a SAS Mamba, big loop with optional rolls / inverted and catch’, I’d love to say it went smoothly and many catches were successful, ok, I’ll say it all went swimmingly and there were no embarrassing miss-catches and nobody caught like a girl by I recommend you watch the video and make your own mind up…

Fly through the gate

There’s a pointless gate (see Order of Play above) which sadly didn’t have big enough gaps in it to fit a Mamba through but if left open provided a good space to fly through.  This was comically attempted for a bit with a couple of successful passes and some flukey touch & goes off of the post.

And then more turned up

A bit later we were joined by Rik, Mick & Mark (hope I got that right!) and the sky was full of mostly SAS foamies, plenty of smack downs, lots of laughter, only one out of action model, a good day I’d say…

Final wonder

When we left, The Legendary John Ruck & Robus flew all the way back to the cars, it’s been ages since anyone even remembered to do that – I’m glad it’s back.  Had I known that was the plan I’d have opened a couple of car boots for spot landings! Next time, definitely a plan.

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