Limbo Experiment @ Fairlight

Limbo @ Fairlight!My son & I went to Fairlight armed with a couple of big sticks, trees actually – we’ve got this tree that produces astonishingly fast growing saplings and these ‘sticks’ were 2 I felled earlier.

The wind wasn’t quite on the slope, SW gusting 15-20mph, coming over the East Hill next to Hastings Old Town before hitting the slope making some pretty lumpy air!  It was a bit too grim for my son, he gave it a bit of a go though.

We added tape to the ends of the mini trees and tucked them into the fence with a bit of tape to hold them in place to make limbo poles to fly between / tape to fly under.

I tried my best to ‘limbo’ my SAS Wildthing, about 20 times resulting in one successful limbo pass (and was very relieved when it happened – it was freezing & we wanted to go home! – now that’s honesty!).

“Just one more try son, then we’ll go home – please god, let it be this one!”

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