Light Winds at Fairlight Firehills

We hadn’t been out for a good fly for a while so took a chance on a dodgy SSE 8-9mph breeze on a lovely sunny day.

Martin, my son & I each had a few throws each, more of a “lob it, do a couple of circuits then land” type of day than anything else.  The wind cruelly blew for a bit then vanished, repeating it’s evil dance throughout the afternoon.  The best we could hope for was to gain enough height when it blew then limp about until the next breeze came through.  I managed 1 loop all afternoon, no combat was possible.

As per usual, various dog walkers stopped for a chat and we did our best to explain how our gliders worked. “So it doesn’t have a propeller”, “they’re lovely & quiet aren’t they?”, “how do they stay up?” & “how far away can they fly” were the usual questions.  We said things like “they fly like seagulls on the seafront”, ‘they use updrafts for height and height for speed”, “they fly for hours” and “they are made of special foam that allows them to bounce off of each other, and sometimes the pilots”.  I expect we just confuse them but hey, they seem to like it.  One day one of them will come back with a glider and we’ll try our best to teach them the ways of radio controlled combat slope soarers.

A chap from the Hastings Online Times website wandered past with his pooch and stopped to have a chat with us, he asked if we’d fancied putting something of an intro to our hobby together, most definitely, yes!

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