Light lift at Butts Brow

OK so it’s been a while since I’ve posted, have been out to the slopes – just haven’t quite felt inspired to write about it for a few outings.  I’ve added up the inspiration from the last 4 outings and it’s enough for a writing sessions!

We headed over for a fly at Butts Brow, ’twas a light SE wind, just enough lift for good pilots like the others, not quite enough for me to fly comfortably.  My SAS Wildthing needed a bit more blow, my son’s SAS Venom did well though.

Anyway the best thing was Mat with 1 T’s little free-flight conversion.  Conversion what? It’s a free-flight (no radio gear ‘chucky’ type glider) converted to radio controlled using micro sized radio gear and a bit of ingenuity.  It flew brilliantly, zipping around the sky like a beautiful rocket!

Apart from Mat’s glider there wasn’t much to report, apart from fishing my SAS Wildthing out of a tree (the Eastbourne lads leave a very long stick made from long sticks taped together, in the trees for such an occasion.

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