GCSE Product Design Project – Depron Ducted Fan Stealth Beast with FPV

Close up showing the ducted fan

Close up showing the ducted fan

A student at my school has built an electric ducted fan stealth flying wing for his GCSE Product Design project. The clever bugger has also added FPV and says it has tested very nicely (short flights of about 2-3 mins as he didn’t want to break it before the examiner sees it!)



He built it using Depron throughout, haven’t managed to persuade him to come over to the dark world of EPP combat yet.  It has a carbon spar about half the span of the wings with great attention to detail around the ducted fan air intakes. The fins are also made from Depron and have a lovely shape to them, I’d have gone with trusty old Correx but he’s stuck with a material he’s used to so fair enough!

Video showing the surfaces working & the electric ducted fan in action

Here’s a video of him testing his control surfaces


Mat black spray was used along with dark grey to achieve a specked camouflage look.  As a slope pilot this finish would terrify me, it would be like flying a silhouette, but he’s flying it via FPV (First Person View) so it doesn’t matter if you can’t tell which way around it’s pointing / which way up it is as you’ll be looking through the camera on it’s nose.


I haven’t seen it go yet but have felt the pull on the ducted fan and it should go like the proverbial bat out of hell!  Here’s a video he took of a test flight:

Feedback wanted!

Could you  give him some CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK in the comments box or on our Facebook Group page please?

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