Flight Testing my 3D Printed Bomb Mechanism

Wildthing with Bomb Dropping MechanismFinally the wind changed to SW & I tested my radio controlled bomb dropping mechanism at our local slope in Winchelsea. I tested it using my old faithful SAS Wildthing, a model I am used to and don’t mind sacrificing in the name of foolishness (not that I was expecting anything bad to happen!?!)

Fortunately the mechanism was smaller than the fuselage meaning in theory it shouldn’t be ripped off during landing – although I’ve become really lazy landing this glider as it always bounces back regardless of the thump down! I tested it using the throttle channel on my trusty Futaba Field Force 6 transmitter (channel 3), I wanted to use the landing gear switch but couldn’t get it to work for some reason, can’t remember why (the hour was late when sorting it out!).

I didn’t have time to make any bombs or parachutists so used clumps of dried grass instead. This worked well and I dropped a couple of loads before being distracted by foolish flying.

So successful! Who’d of thought it? I plan to make some little paratroopers for next time, to give me something else to aim for!

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