FatYak – Making the parts

Mateos sent us a plan for his YakZilla park flyer, Robus put on his project hat and we got to it…

2014-12-11 13.10.52

The super cool CNC cutter with sticker sheet loaded into it

2014-12-11 13.04.57

Plans were scanned into the magical vector program and cut as stickers, here they are with transfer sheet ver them

2014-12-11 13.08.30

Peeling the transfer sheet

2014-12-11 13.09.54

Last bit

2014-12-11 13.10.26

The stickers were then applied to a bit of hardboard

2014-12-11 13.12.36

To the shed!

2014-12-11 13.14.51

One of those ‘Photosynth’ pictures, looks cool on my phone!

2014-12-11 13.21.39


Fire up the bandsaw! Robus cutting around the stickers on the hardoard to make templates

2014-12-11 13.31.50

And again…

2014-12-11 14.08.43

Quickly knock up a hot wire using a bit of nitinol, a 12v battery & a power supply

2014-12-11 14.15.02

Hot wire cutter take 2, battery wasn’t good enough, it was replaced with this fancy shmancy power unit we knocked up years ago (and still works!)

2014-12-11 14.20.47

Screw the templates onto the foam block

2014-12-11 14.22.30

Pop the whole lot through the hot wire cutter

2014-12-11 14.27.36

Keep going…

2014-12-11 14.49.39

Put your back into it!

2014-12-11 14.55.36

Tah dah! We now have the parts cut in 100mm EPP, these will then be sliced into 9mm versions. Hopefully.


A while later we set up another jig and cut the bits into slices


Oh yeah!


Quality Assurance check!

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