My Son’s First Flight! – Family flying at Wincelsea

IMG_2911I took my son out for his first glider outing on Saturday.

We went to Winchelsea with bro Robus (Brobus!), the wind was a variable 10-15mph SW, barely enough but barely was enough!The wind also seemed to know when you needed it most and duly vanished during important moments!

‘Touch & Go’ was the order of the day, plenty of vowels were uttered (ooooh, aaaah), and quite a bit of ducking & flinching.

My son had two flights – which were great, especially in the light conditions! He spent the rest of the time gleefully fetching our gliders and launching them, either bunging them or side arm launching (he named ‘The Tornado’) which often had hilarious consequences (it’s so hard to fly with tears in your eyes!).


(A Wildthing skidded past while I was taking this, can you see it?)

IMG_2917My Luggie electric scooter amazed me again, slopes aren’t the most accessible of places, it made it up some big inclines – not looking forward to cleaning the sheep poo off though.

Here’s the video strapped together from the day:

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