Fairlight Southerly Sloping Sunset Splendidness

Had a good session with John & Jim during which time The Legendary John Ruck successfully disabled my Wildthing by removing my fin, man it was hard to control after that!  Plenty of looking later & the fin was found and taped back in place.  Amos got a few good wacks in including knocking his dad out of the air!

An hour later Ric & Mike turned up and all hell broke loose.  The wind caused lots of annoying mis launches and plenty of retrieving of gliders – Amos must have walked miles today!

The weather was 30mph SSW fairly smooth lift.  The sun came & went many times, when it was sunny it was nearly warm but totally blinding.  Combat was hard due to the high wind but we still managed a respectable number of knocks.

YouTube videos:

A spot of combat

Flying slope soarers in the sunset at Fairlight

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