Fairlight Rules OK!?! – Foamie smashing in Hastings

Fairlight Firehills, SW 15-20 mph. 12th April ’15 – Some sunshine, lovely day!

By the time Robus & I had got there, Jim, John & Dave had been bashing for a while. The wind wasn’t quite on the slope, sightly SW making us fly on the corner at the end of the slope, but the lift was glorious & everywhere!

After an initial smackdown session the ‘sensible’ gliders (Vagabond by Hacker Model) selfishly took to the sky, the rest of us flying ‘carefully’ around them until their session had ended. We all agreed that they were very impressive (looping on a dime – more of a flip than a loop!) but were pleased when they were swapped for Mambas and the idiocy continued.

Robus was ON FIRE! Smacking everyone down on a regular basis, taking the role of Matt with 2 T’s for the day.

Pics from the day:

Videos from the day

Foamy Cam

3rd time lucky… I taped my mini camera to my Wildthing again and focused on smooth flying with long runs instead of turning constantly like last time.  I think it went better this time, I note how much my Wildthing feathers, pointing the nose out into the wind – I was trying to do strafing runs showing the line of pilots but we don’t see them once in this video! At the end of the video you can just about see the foamie that knocked me out of the sky…   …but who was it?…   …he’s definitely gonna get it, mark my words…!

Fooling around / Le Fish aerobatics – #foamieandproud

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