Fairlight Frolics – Combat Slope Soaring @ Fairlight Firehills

fairlight-frolicksAfter some site indecisiveness, the Legendary John Ruck, Amos & I turned up at Fairlight to be greeted by a 20mph SSW wind, pretty much straight on the slope.

John’s Vagabond wasn’t too sure about the windspeed but tarted around pulling all sorts of exciting / death defying aerobatic feats.

Amos’s Venom gave up with a broken servo arm, my Wildthing took a proper beating from John’s Mamba, although I did manage a bit of revenge.  By the time Martin turned up John’s Mamba’s tape was in ribbons leaving it weakened to Martin’s onslaughts!

LOTS of combat & hundreds bush harassment incidents later, we left with smiles on our faces!

Here’s the video

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