Designing a bomb dropping thing for my Wildthing

Open showing the servo

I’ve been meaning to make a bomb dropping mechanism for a while now, probably about 25 years! I’d like to say I carefully researched it etc. but I just thought of an idea and went for it. I went with a sort of box that splits in half to release its payload and is small enough to stick on the side of my SAS Wildthing (hopefully, can’t say I’ve researched / measured that either – live life by the seat of your pants!!)

Below are some exported images from the file I made using Sketchup (originally developed by Trimble) – software given free by Google to encourage people to model their houses* and upload them into Google’s 3D Warehouse / Earth, it’s also real handy for modelling. *So as well as seeing it from Streetview, criminals can also see it in 3D in a bit more detail to hatch their dastardly plan??? (hands up if you’ve ever written the word dastardly before!).

Sketchup is really easy to use (for 3D software), I regularly teach 11 year old’s how to use it with few problems. It’s not as easy to make exact dimensioned models with it but it’s do-able with some thought. The real beauty of it is you can install an extension for exporting “.stl” files which can be downloaded into 3D printers with no extra fiddling around to do.

Here are some exported views of the model:

I downloaded the servo & clevis from the 3D Warehouse (a place where users upload huge numbers of models, seemingly everything has been made for you!).

Once I’d convinced myself it looked OK from all angles, I exported the STL file using the Sketchup STL extension I mentioned above and emailed it to a mate at work (we have one at school!!! – about £500) who loaded it into his 3D Printer (a doddle by the look of it!).  We sat back & watched, mesmerised as the printer calculated all the paths including the scaffolding to hold the bits up during printing and then printed it, back and forth, weirdly entertaining!

I’ll get the model together and post the results on here soon, here’s a link to the file I made – bomb bay doors by jk.skp for those that fancy a look.

Here’s a link to my article about making the 3D Printed model


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