Timmy & Chunk’s Big Day Out – Free Online Thermal Soaring Glider Game from the Old Days

I was thrilled to find this Thermal Soaring game I made back in 2008 and want to share it with the folks on the internet again.

Some of my mob remember a glider we called Chunk (balsa ARTF model from the old days, think they still sell it but can’t remember what it was called) hand launched glider (before all this clever DLG stuff!).

What’s the game about then?

The idea is you use the thermals to gain height and fly into / missile crows to get points. Watch out for Bob the Thing (original SAS Thing from the good old days, foam veneer job!), perform loops.

Who is Timmy?

Timmy was a Tango Doll (free if you collected ring pulls or something) we tortured relentlessly one year. He spent quite a lot of time strapped to the top of Chunk, occasionally being dropped on paratrooper missions.

Free online glider game – Chunk’s Big Day Out

(Sadly it won’t work on Apple devices like the iPad / iPhone as it’s made using what was called “Macromedia Flash, at the time)

The high score doesn’t work as it relies on rather aged technology. I’ll have a look at it one day…

I hope you love it as much as we do, please feel free to leave comments below or join our Facebook Group and chat to us.

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