Wheelieman – Mobility Scooter Tomfoolery

2015-04-13 17.59.05

Because MS isn’t the end, just a different way to get there – Wheelieman hits Fairlight Firehills for more Tomfoolery, there was no wind for flying our gliders, plenty of mist, we gave it a few launches but had to surrender…! Continue reading

Fairlight Rules OK!?! – Foamie smashing in Hastings

Fairlight Firehills, SW 15-20 mph. 12th April ’15 – Some sunshine, lovely day!

By the time Robus & I had got there, Jim, John & Dave had been bashing for a while. The wind wasn’t quite on the slope, sightly SW makin Continue reading


Syma X5C Radio Controlled Quadcopter / Drone Review

2014-12-27 21.44.35I wanted to get my son in radio controlled flying and after looking at a couple of other options I was eventually talked into buying a quadcopter (cheers Nick @ Soar Ahead Sailplanes)   – begrudgingly, as I’m not really into helicopters, being a slope ‘purest’.  After a quick look I found this on Ebay for about £40 inc. p&p. Continue reading