I’m published – Flying at Fairlight Firehills

I was flying my RC slope soaring glider at Fairlight Firehills once with Bob & Amos and got chatting to this Irish guy about flying.  He pottered off but came back later asking if I fancied writing an article for a local online paper.

I did, here it is: Flying at Fairlight Firehills


Wheelieman hits Wyntercon

IMG_4196WynterCon: Comic-Con in Eastbourne.  Comic-Con: Convention for comic book based films / characters, a place where fans go to dress up as their heros and generally enjoy themselves in geek heaven.

I took my son to Wyntercon at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne today.  I hadn’t looked at their website so didn’t know what to expect, I’d heard a lot of great things about it & decided to just turn up and see what happens. Continue reading


Wheelieman Hits the Halfpipe

wheelieman-hits-the-halfpipe2Step back kids, this half-pipe belongs to Wheelieman!
Take one Luggie Scooter and one foolish General Tomfoolery, remix the video to try and make it exciting and the result is an ill rated vid!

Vid includes crazy wheelies, forward & backward maneuvers, some turns and a MASSIVE FALL AT THE END!* Continue reading


Kensington Switch Stick – Lightweight Folding Walking Stick Review

It occurred to me that I haven’t reviewed ‘old faithful’ – my folding walking stick.  For starters, it’s called a Kensington Switch Stick (link goes to the search page eBay), these come in a variety of colours with an optional strap – which I didn’t go for myself as I figured I’d switch hands regularly (which I do as it turns out!). Continue reading


Injection Tracker – Free Injection Tracker created for those with MS.


Found this nifty website for storing the location of your injections! Unlike other apps it allows you to add photo’s of your body bits and even indicate where blemishes are so you can locate areas where you haven’t injected in a while. Continue reading