Butts on the Corner – ‘Regenerative Braking’ Day.


I took my mum flying the other week! We went to Butts Brow in Eastbourne and met up with ‘athan and Mat with one T.  The wind was on the left corner of the South East slope and the lift was huge & everywhere!

My Luggie scooter did well.  It had 1/3rd charge in it’s battery, most of which was gone by the time we’d reached the brow of the hill but I knew that the downhill & being gently pushed up the other side would recharge the battery eough to keep it going.  I performed my usual ‘rolling fall’ off of my Luggie, much to the amusement of the others, I’ve become very good at it – no injuries to my scooter or body as yet!

We met a bloke called Scott who came from the West, hailing from somewhere near Ditchling Beacon, he seemed to be finding his gliding legs again but was soon tempted into a bit of combat!

Mum enjoyed the day, she said things like ‘ooh, it’s all very clever…’ and ‘what a nice bunch you fly with’.  I knocked up a video and took some pics.

Mat ‘push assisted’ me back to the car, we got a decent speed up on the final stretch – cheers dude. The Eastbourne lot are really good at looking out for me.  Splendid fellows.

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