Building a 3D printed bomb bay for my SAS wildthing

Bomb bay door device on my aged table in the garden. Fascinating!

Bomb bay door device on my aged table in the garden. Fascinating!

I always start these things by putting the images in first, it’s the only way my poor little brain can produce such a level of nonsense.

The first print failed badly. After much head scratching I realised it was because I used ‘components’ when making the model (which is a really good idea normally!) so I ‘exploded’ the model until it had no components in it. (this post leads on from the one about designing the model using Sketchup)

The next print worked splendidly. I pulled the ‘scaffolding’ (for bits that stick out like the servo mounts etc.) off and gave it a scrape (it was printed on the quickest, least detail setting so there were a few rough bits.

I used a bit of tape for the hinge, I did think about building hinges into it at the design scale but wasn’t confident in the machine’s accuracy  / my skill – thought about pin  hinges, maybe next time. If there is a next time – I don’t usually have the concentration span for 2nd goes!

I tested it using an Arduino (wicked little things, I highly recommend them!) as I didn’t have my tx handy (made it after work at my school).  It looks jerky because I can’t work out how to do slow servo movements using Arduinos and wanted to show the slower movement to my students (servos move too quickly to see what is going on when you’ve never seen one before!)

YouTube video – testing using an Arduino


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