Blowy & freezing but brilliant! @ Butts Ln – First play with onboard camera


My son  Levi & I went to join the fun on Butts Lane, Eastbourne.  NE wind of what 25-30 mph, Ffffing freezing but the turnout was great!

We started on the North slope with guys who’d come down from Bedford  – possibly to fly with the great ‘General Tomfoolery’ club but possibly not… They were flying beautiful glass ships so we moved onto the East slope!

There were a record 9 foamies all set on smacking the crap out of each other for a couple of hours (probably longer – I had to leave as it was so dang cold!).

I tried using my new micro camera (only ~£8 from ebay!), the results were OK but I think I had it set to the wrong setting (motion detection mode – t’was to blinking cold to test properly!) and also I wasn’t able to fly smoothly enough do to the number of bandits on my 6 o’clock when they heard they could bash my camera off! All in all the results were a bit poo this time but I will try again!

Here’s a lovely bit of video from my son ( showing the stack of foamies dancing their way around each other, I didn’t manage any ‘kills’ today, and was victim to 2 smack downs, it was a great day!

Pics from the day

(Courtesy of


A flock?


A herd


Pic showing the mounted (taped!) camera on my glider. I had the strap around the nose of the glider in case the tape failed!

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