Glider Crash – RC Slope Soarer Pilot Smackdown

Why combat the other glider when you can go for the pilot instead? When I told my buddy to fly really close to us I didn’t mean to hit me darn it, he swears it was an accident…! Haven’t laughed like that in ages, pmsl indeed!! Continue reading


Loads of Lift, No Lift, Loads of Lift, No Lift…!

All of the SAS gliders together, awww…

The wind was a very variable 5-20 mph Westerly, definitely smacked of thermal powered wind (changed direction, came & went – being a sloper I couldn’t be sure!)

Big Jim, The Legendary John Ruck, Robus, Killa Zagi Dave, Amos & I pitched up at Winchelsea, East Sussex around midday on Father’s day 2015 for what I was expecting to be a dodgy fly (the wind was way too westerly to be on the slope at all according to the beeb). Continue reading


Fairlight Frolics – Combat Slope Soaring @ Fairlight Firehills

fairlight-frolicksAfter some site indecisiveness, the Legendary John Ruck, Amos & I turned up at Fairlight to be greeted by a 20mph SSW wind, pretty much straight on the slope.

John’s Vagabond wasn’t too sure about the windspeed but tarted around pulling all sorts of exciting / death defying aerobatic feats. Continue reading


Misty day at Fairlight Firehills, Vagabond, Fooling around & Shield Landing

A misty day…

sheild-landingWe got to the slope around midday, wind was about 15mph which was definitely doable at the beautiful southerly slope at Fairlight, there were 6 of us, all armed to the teeth with Wildthings, Mambas, Vagabonds, a Zagi & a Venom.

The Vagabond’s had a ply to begin with, showing off their crazy flipping skills – John managed 10 flips in a row which looked very cool.  Then we settled down into some steady combat, which seemed a bit more civilised (comparatively!) with only a few proper smackdowns, Dave was playing the Robus, popping down the hill to search for his model ever now & again. Continue reading


RC Glider / Aircraft Games & Simulators

Fly or hand launch glider – shoot crows!

General Tomfoolery’s own glider simulator. Fly Chunk back and forth shooting crows with missiles, using thermals to gain height and keep flying. Hint – slow down in the thermals to gain height more quickly. The top score is saved on our server.
That sounds great! Play the game

Slope Soaring Simulator by Danny Chapman

Fantastic r/c glider slope soaring simulator from Danny Chapman.Download Slope Soaring Simulator

Continue reading


Timmy & Chunk’s Big Day Out – Free Online Thermal Soaring Glider Game from the Old Days

I was thrilled to find this Thermal Soaring game I made back in 2008 and want to share it with the folks on the internet again.

Some of my mob remember a glider we called Chunk (balsa ARTF model from the old days, think they still sell it but can’t remember what it was called) hand launched glider (before all this clever DLG stuff!). Continue reading


GCSE Product Design Project – Depron Ducted Fan Stealth Beast with FPV

Close up showing the ducted fan

Close up showing the ducted fan

A student at my school has built an electric ducted fan stealth flying wing for his GCSE Product Design project. The clever bugger has also added FPV and says it has tested very nicely (short flights of about 2-3 mins as he didn’t want to break it before the examiner sees it!) Continue reading