Cheap Flying – 35Mhz Radio Gear is Retro Now!

ff6Yeah yeah, these 2.4Ghz radio sets are definitely the future but not yet OK? What with everyone on 2.4Ghz now, 35mhz frequency clashes are darned rare! All of our lot are living in the 35Mhz past, blissfully unaware or what the cool kids are up to! Continue reading


Scooter Review – Luggie Scooter

Luggie-Elite-RedThe Luggie Scooter is a folding scooter that can fit in a case (hence called Luggie = luggage)

I bought a Luggie Scooter a few weeks ago and feel I’m now ready to review it having used it a few times for different purposes and experienced their repair service (I broke the charging port!)

I bought the ‘Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter’, more expensive than the standard one but I wanted one with a bit of grunt – this one comes with a bigger battery. Continue reading