Limbo-a-go-go & a floaty day @ Butts Lane, Eastbourne

IMG_4041Pics & vids from Sunday’s light breeze at Butts Lane!  We turned up around midday to a lovely breeze and proceeded to get some combat in for about 30 mins until the wind dropped off.  From then there was just enough wind to scratch around (unless you brought a floaty then you were fine!) and by 2pm it was time to throw the hat in and give up.

Limbo Fantastico!

We brought our big sticks up for a bit of limbo, Mat ‘Bush’ and the Legendary John Ruck showed us how it was done, each flying through the limbo poles many times, I caught a few on video.

Floaty Video

Some photos of floater slope soarers

Limbo-a-go-go video 1

Limbo Photos

Limbo-a-go-go video 2

Photos of pilots & foamies

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