Kensington Switch Stick – Lightweight Folding Walking Stick Review

It occurred to me that I haven’t reviewed ‘old faithful’ – my folding walking stick.  For starters, it’s called a Kensington Switch Stick (link goes to the search page eBay), these come in a variety of colours with an optional strap – which I didn’t go for myself as I figured I’d switch hands regularly (which I do as it turns out!).

Cool things about the Kensington Switch Stick

The stick is made of aluminium so it’s lightweight and strong.

You can do a nifty trick when unfolding it by throwing it up into the air (hold on to the handle) and it unfolds ‘transformer (robots in disguise!) style‘ in the air – this usually impresses kids!

Kensington Walking Stick

Kensington Walking Stick

Another nifty thing I found with the walking stick was while it was folded, the exposed holes in each end of the sections of tube can be used to open bottled beers – yes, you are carrying a beer bottle opener with you wherever you go!

When out and about with the stick, for example when eating out, I tend to fold it in half and pop it over my leg. This saves leaning it up against things which often lead to it falling over!

Wear & Tear

I’ve had mine for 2 years now, the paint is worn away where the adjustable length locking bit touches the stick when folded, and the handle is pretty chipped, but that’s because I’ve used and abused it – signs of proper use I say!  I take it with me when I go to work, go flying or generally go out and about – I don’t tend to bring it into my house in case I forget to take it out with me.  Even if I’m out on my Luggie Scooter I’ll take my stick with me, it folds up small enough to be tucked into a bag or coat pocket.

I Want one, where should I buy it?

I bought mine from the company’s website but they are a lot cheaper on eBay, here’s a link to the search page on eBay: Kensington Switch Stick – usually about £30 – £35 inc. p&p

If you’re not keen on eBay, here’s the company website – they sell them for $45 inc p&p.

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