Flight Testing my 3D Printed Bomb Mechanism

Wildthing with Bomb Dropping MechanismFinally the wind changed to SW & I tested my radio controlled bomb dropping mechanism at our local slope in Winchelsea. I tested it using my old faithful SAS Wildthing, a model I am used to and don’t mind sacrificing in the name of foolishness (not that I was expecting anything bad to happen!?!) Continue reading


Building a 3D printed bomb bay for my SAS wildthing

Bomb bay door device on my aged table in the garden. Fascinating!

Bomb bay door device on my aged table in the garden. Fascinating!

I always start these things by putting the images in first, it’s the only way my poor little brain can produce such a level of nonsense.

The first print failed badly. After much head scratching I realised it was because I used ‘components’ when making the model (which is a really good idea normally!) so I ‘exploded’ the model until it had no components in it. Continue reading


Designing a bomb dropping thing for my Wildthing

Open showing the servo

I’ve been meaning to make a bomb dropping mechanism for a while now, probably about 25 years! I’d like to say I carefully researched it etc. but I just thought of an idea and went for it. I went with a sort of box that splits in half to release its payload and is small enough to stick on the side of my SAS Wildthing (hopefully, can’t say I’ve researched / measured that either – live life by the seat of your pants!!) Continue reading


The Best in the World

I was thinking on the drive back from flying today; “What a lucky chap I am”. I go flying with a bunch of wonderful piss taking, funny, ridiculous, techy, corny, unforgiving, insulting, vicious, idiots that make me laugh until I cry every time & go slope soaring – a guaranteed escape from ‘life’! My flying buddies really are the best in the world! Continue reading


Injection Tracker – Free Injection Tracker created for those with MS.


Found this nifty website for storing the location of your injections! Unlike other apps it allows you to add photo’s of your body bits and even indicate where blemishes are so you can locate areas where you haven’t injected in a while. Continue reading