I’m published – Flying at Fairlight Firehills

I was flying my RC slope soaring glider at Fairlight Firehills once with Bob & Amos and got chatting to this Irish guy about flying.  He pottered off but came back later asking if I fancied writing an article for a local online paper.

I did, here it is: Flying at Fairlight Firehills


Amos’ Skill Update

My son Amos has been improving greatly over the last few sessions.  Last weekend we flew in dodgy conditions at Fairlight and he was loving it!

The wind was 20mph gusting 30mph, coming over the hill in front causing occasional slope wide sink.  I wasn’t especially enjoying it but he was fooling around very well – see the video.


Fairlight Southerly Sloping Sunset Splendidness

Had a good session with John & Jim during which time The Legendary John Ruck successfully disabled my Wildthing by removing my fin, man it was hard to control after that!  Plenty of looking later & the fin was found and taped back in place.  Amos got a few good wacks in including knocking his dad out of the air!

An hour later Ric & Mike turned up and all hell broke loose.  The wind caused lots of annoying mis launches and plenty of retrieving of gliders – Amos must have walked miles today! Continue reading


Wheelieman hits Wyntercon

IMG_4196WynterCon: Comic-Con in Eastbourne.  Comic-Con: Convention for comic book based films / characters, a place where fans go to dress up as their heros and generally enjoy themselves in geek heaven.

I took my son to Wyntercon at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne today.  I hadn’t looked at their website so didn’t know what to expect, I’d heard a lot of great things about it & decided to just turn up and see what happens. Continue reading


Slope Soaring @ Galley Hill, Bexhill

2015-10-26 15.27.06This brings back memories, slope soaring into a S/E wind off of Galley Hill in Bexhill.
Bags of lift near the hill, big turbulence behind the slope, nowhere to land but worth it.
Only fly there in rubbish weather as you get crazy numbers of people walking through when it’s warm. When the weather grim like today the only thing to look out for are cars in the ‘landing area’. Continue reading